Sunday, March 4, 2007

Books which influenced my thinking and could yours...

...well you know these books you have to read? First I had that "you have to" feeling in school :-). Remeber? The book is awesome boring, but you have to read the book to pass the examen.
That blog is exactly NOT about those books, but about books which are lightly written, well-argued and deftly assembeled, intelligent, engaging and proactive, simple, elegant and counterintuitive.

In one word: Striking

It's a collection of books I already read, but also about recommend books of friends, backpackers, collegues, ... which are on my personal reading ("Amazon") wishlist.
Enjoy this blog and share your opinions about the books you have already read and changed your thinking. Also don't hesitate to give recommendation to other "have to" read books.

I will start with a simple link list (note: The order doesn't mean that one book is better than another...) and enhance each section for each book by time:

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ski & Surf Challenge Bormio 2007...

...welcome to the Accenure ASG Bormio 2007 team!

I created this blog as a "try" to organize the housekeeping for the ASG participants. Please feel free to add your comments or suggestions to this blog.

As I'm from Munich and probably most of you are driving via Munich, it could make sense to organize a ride sharing, sixt rental mini van sharing or even a small bus transport from Munich to Bormio to "kick asses"...

Please add your locations to this blog or your preferred option how to go to Bormio. Perhabs participants of the last years can also provide some helpful travel hints.

I talked already to some italien guys on my project and the flight to Milan makes (from their point of view) not really sense.

Looking foward for more comments and of course more SNOW ;-)

Train already the downhill racetrack...