Saturday, June 28, 2008

5 Star Hotel Upgrade and 5000 Baht in cash...

Hopefully this is the last blog I write from Thailand before going to Cambodia. Plan was actually to go there yesterday night, but they did overbook the flight...
So the airline offered me to stay overnight in a 5 star hotel @ the airport for free, plus free dinner and breakfast and 5000 Baht in cash...

So what do u think I did? Correct I insisted to take the flight ;) Of course not! Hotel and meal was really fantastic and I also did cannonball the great pool (pool did have a waterbar as well). So it was a great deal.

Time for boarding, see u in Cambodia, Seam Reap and Ankor Wat!

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Anonymous said...


Schmunkey & Greg are canonballing the whole world!

- USA is canonballed
- Asia is canonballed
- Mediterranean sea is canonballed
- next we gonna canonball Canada - in September 2008 - take u in 8!