Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Victoria > Seaplane > Vancouver

After we finished the stressful Victoria life (see example) and celebrated the intl. 'Talk like a Pirate Day' on Sept. 19th...

Typical Victoria day:
08:30 Get-up with hangover
09:00 Kellogg's massacre
10:00 12km beach run (<1h)
13:00 Pitcher beer and snack
15:00 Kayaking (2h)
17:00 2nd Pitcher beer
18:30 Sushi massacre
20:30 0.5L Jack Daniels
21:00 Meet the girls
22:00 Nightlife with tackling
??? Smished

(Or just meet a Playboy pornstar in Victoria or run a half marathon (21.1km, <2h)just for fun)

...we took the seeplane to Vancouver

Vancouver is an awesome city, only the yearly amount of 1200mm rain (Munich: 600mm) could be a reason not to live here. The good thing is, it only rains once a year, means is starts in October/November and ends in April/May :)

Some best practices in Vancouver:
1) Go to Irish Heather in Gastown, drink a coffee with Bailey's and Jameson whiskey
2) Go to a movie wrap-up party, see Owen Wilson
3) Go to Roxys, there's always somethin' goin' on!


Anonymous said...

Hey hoschi, have fun in Calgary/Banff, I'm leaving the Lounge now taking my plane to Saskatoon. see u on sunday at the airport in calgary. cheers -greg

gobanane said...

Just saw your comment...yeah..Banff was great! Not 2 say awesome!

Anonymous said...

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