Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KL and SIN with a blue cast

or how to explore Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with crutches... :)

I can tell you that's a kind of a pain in the ass' but also a very good experience in life (and a good exercise for your mind and upper body ;)).

When you're travelling alone you will meet a lot of nice, friendly locals or travellers, but when you have a cast the amount of people paying attention to you doubles easily. There's also always a very good and obvious reason why people start a conversation with you. And in special cases (e.g. bus ride, check-in, immigration, airport transfers, etc.) you get unexpected help from a various bunch of people.

Then you recognize that the world is still a good place :) (even in rush hour...)

In a nutshell, I still have fun and enjoy the travelling!
Anyway Friday will be the "back2MUC" day - on the one hand I'm looking forward to it (what will the German doctor tell me about my leg?), on the other I'll miss the day-2-day action and the interesting conversations with people from all over the world (and the great food!)

Stay tuned. Here some pics to enjoy. (SIN update follows tomorrow night)


Sallinger said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh, rock my sock... jetzt kennste einige Bensheimer *LOL* und wir haben uns noch nie gesehen- sehr geil!!! Martin hatte bestimmt Spass im Rolli & u2! Sehr geil, freut mich... for u! Just call me Nokia ;-)
PS: ich haette gerne unter jedes SIn Bild was geschrieben aber geht ja nuescht!!! SASCHA, GĂ–ILE PIX

°°°°Safe trip buddy!!!°°°°

gobanane said...

Naja, du kannst alle Kommentare hier abgeben (falls immer noch motiviert):-)

gobanane said...

Ahhh, natuerlich hier der Link: