Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Very very very HAPPY PIZZA in Phnom Phen

From Siem Rehab I took the bus to Phnom Phen, where I met 2 other Germans from Hongkong, also traveling to the Cambodian capital.

Was a very funny bus ride, with karaoke all the time... iPod saved my life during that 6h bus ride...

Compared to Siem Reab, Phnom Phen is noisy, dirty, sticky and it has basically no real "worth seeing sights" (except of the Killing Fields outside of the city). So the city is a sight for itself.

Two things I can recommend (or not...): Martini Bar (when you take a Tuk-Tuk, don't be too afraid of the strange location of the bar, the area looks a bit doggy and spooky)
And to eat a happy pizza. So what's a happy pizza...well a regular pizza, but with some grass on top. Unfortunatley the other German guy ordered not a happy pizza, but a very very very happy pizza. He had four slices, I two and his mate as well 2.

To keep the story short: He and his mate was already "done" the evening and they had a nice "night trip". They get up the next day at 14.00pm...

I only felt bad during the night (strange kind of feeling very dizzy, high heart rate, etc.) and felt totally exhausted the next morning till noon. But I think my very very spicy chili sauce did cut the effect down (Remember: To be on the save side always eat very spicy, that kills everything!)

Unfortunately I had to stay in this "not so pretty city" for 3 nights (reduces my nights in Saigon by one...), but my Vietnam Visa wasn't ready this noon.

CU and hear you in Vietnam!

BTW: This blog was written in 2 different places in the city, because we had a nice power outage in my area...(and no generators...)


Sallinger said...

Nice pix :-) happy people greets

Sallinger said...

SIN: Har Par Villa (Tiger Balm)


ole ole

Marco said...

da müssen wir für dich in sölden wohl ne extra flasche tabasco mitnehmen...

Anonymous said...

Sascha is detoxing from Happy Pizza :-) Bring doch mal bissi was mit von dem grünen Zeug - für Sölden :-)

take care
Go Sascha!

Anonymous said...

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